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Get our full Fruit of the Spirit collection in this bundle with up to 20% savings! (We only offer the bundle in the fragrance oil blend.)


Fragrances include:

Love - Hibiscus Palm

Joy - Orange Blossom

Peace - Lavender

Patience - Rose Petals

Kindness - Blood Orange

Goodness - Grapefruit & Mangosteen

Faithfulness - English Garden

Gentleness - Juniper Breeze

Self-Control - Honeysuckle Jasmine

Fruit of the Spirit Bundles

PriceFrom $65.00

All sales are final at Well Lit Candles. Refunds/replacements will be offered for unlit products that were damaged in delivery. Evidence of damage will need to be provided within 5 days of deliverybefore the return process can begin.

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