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Jacob started out as a trickster, taking situations into his own hands but eventually became a very spiritual man, contributing to the fulfillment of God's promise to Abraham. A few key events from Jacob's life:

  • He stole his brother's birthright rather than relying on God to give it to him as He promised.
  • He worked tirelessly for 7 years for the woman he loved, only to receive her sister instead. This forced him to work another term to receive the woman he wanted.
  • He had 12 sons but gave most of his attention to the youngest 2 causing strife amongst the siblings.
  • God changed his name to Israel which is where we get "Israelites" from.

Most of Jacob's actions all fit perfectly into God's ultimate promise. Jacob wasn't always aligned with God in his actions, but somehow, he still fell right into God's plan. It's amazing how we can be in sync (or out of sync) of God's Word and He will still manage to use us for His plan. It was just so much easier when he was in tune with Him. 


Read Genesis 25-50 to learn more about Jacob.

Jacob - (Apples & Maple Bourbon)

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Name: Apples & Maple Bourbon

Note Profile:
Top: Orange, Cinnamon, Apple
Middle: Butter, Coconut, Bourbon
Base: Vanilla, Maple

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