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All of humanity can use some help in this area. We can be so unkind to each other and it’s so painful to witness, especially from those who claim to be followers of Christ. It takes a lot of energy to be evil towards someone, to scheme up a way to ruin someone’s day or life, and for what reason? All of that hate over time is detrimental to the mind, body and spirit. And much of it is learned behavior from our family, peers and environment over periods of time. If we could go back to the mentality we had before we were influenced by these external factors, the world would live happier (and healthier) lives.


Read Ephesians 4:32

When lighting this candle, think about whether or not you consider yourself a kind person. Why or why not?

Kindness - (Blood Orange)

PriceFrom $10.00

Kindness is a blood orange scented soy wax candle that will fill your space with a warm and inviting aroma. With delicate notes of bergamot and grapefruit, this candle is on the fruitier side, bringing a different type of flavor into your atmosphere. Made with all-natural ingredients, Kindness not only smells amazing but also burns cleanly, ensuring that you can enjoy its fragrance without any harmful toxins. Treat yourself or someone special to this luxurious and soothing candle experience.​

Fragrance Name: Blood Orange

Note Profile:
Top: Bergamot, Grapefruit
Middle: Orange, Green Leaves, Neroli
Base: Cedar

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