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Mary of Bethany was a worshipper. She was always hungry for the presence of the Lord. We see this in the ever popular story of her and her sister, Martha. Jesus and His disciples were visiting the ladies' home. Martha was trying to be a hospitable hostess while Mary sat at Jesus' feet, hanging on to His every word and relishing in the privilege to be in His presence. Meanwhile, Martha grew annoyed and requested the Lord to instruct Mary to help her. Jesus responded to essentially say that Mary has chosen what is best, what we all should choose.


We are all keeping busy in a variety of ways, but we can't let our activities distract us from what is most important, relationship with Jesus. Our to-do list will never be to-done. It just keeps collecting tasks. Let's carve out some of that energy to make sure it is directed at our Lord and Savior.


Scripture reference for Mary of Bethany: Luke 10:38-42

Mary of Bethany - (Snickerdoodle)

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