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How to Use Candles in Your Mental Health Journey

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Mental health has become a huge aspect of overall wellness over the last several years. What used to be something that was shunned and rejected has now become something that is welcomed and tended to. Society continues to shift and evolve to accommodate this part of our health that has always needed attention, and we are here for it! At Well Lit Candles, we strive to "promote overall wellness through the light of Christ". We want to touch a little bit on what that looks like...

God and Mental Health

One community that has struggled to deal with mental health is the Christian community. Many of us have this notion that if we have Jesus and we pray and read our Bibles that the depression or anxiety we are battling magically (or spiritually rather) goes away. I'd like to think we are evolving here as well and acknowledging that mental health should not be looked down upon but should be treated as any other sickness. Yes, pray over it. Ask God for healing. But also that He shepherds us to the right specialists who can make us better. To someone who is an expert in their field and can give the best help there is to offer. In many cases, these specialists are the vessels of God to heal His people. This applies to both physical as well as mental health.

So what does this have to do with candles?

Well, we've all heard of aromatherapy or scenarios where people will light a candle and sit down to read a book or take a bath...or a nap (I do NOT encourage this). There's merit and value behind that. Aromatherapy is exactly what it sounds like:

aroma/scent/fragrance + therapy/treatment/remedy/cure.

Essentially, we're looking at using fragrances for some sort of treatment or cure. There's plenty of science that supports how certain fragrances help you focus or relax or give you energy. When you combine them with a burning candle, you have something that can permeate these health benefits throughout your entire home. Just Google "Candles & Mental Health" and you will find an assortment of research that makes these very claims. Me personally, having my home smell nice (ESPECIALLY after I just cleaned it), with that little bitty fire going next to me just does something to my spirit that I can't explain. All that to say, there's something a burning candle can do to us mentally that almost helps us reset. With that in mind, why not maintain a collection of candles in your home?

Insert Well Lit Candles

Well Lit Candles has so many fragrances to offer all year around. There is LITERALLY something for everyone. On any given day, we have a minimum of 20 scents available for purchase with 5-7 of those being a part of a rotation. This is no small feat for our small business, and we are very proud of what we have been able to accomplish. Altogether, we have brought you 44 fragrances and are looking forward to new products and collections later this year! With that being said, you are sure to find something that will fit into your home or to gift for someone else's home. Don't let the volume of products scare you! You can always use our search bar or reach out to us directly if you are having trouble finding what you are looking for. And if you aren't good with fire, we sell wax warmers and wax melts as well as alternatives to candles. Check out our blog post on how to use these items here. Shop all of our current collections here!

Monica's Testimony

Before I got married, I had a pattern in which I cleaned my house. I started in the Master bathroom in the back of the house and worked my way to the front. Lighting a candle was my reward for cleaning any room I was in (and was also the indication that I was done in there). I cleaned the bathroom, lit a candle, moved on to the bedroom, lit a candle, moved on to the guest bathroom, lit a candle, moved on to the kitchen and living room, lit a candle*, and then I would rest. My favorite scents included the "Clean Linens" and "Ocean Mists" of the world. Nowadays, I'm constantly creating and testing, so I don't always light them for my personal enjoyment anymore (plus my husband's allergies are HORRIFIC). Sometimes I miss the days of my past, but I'm so blessed I have the opportunity to bring that same joy to others. We have something for everyone and are always available to help you find it!

I hope Well Lit Candles is supporting your overall wellness through the light of Christ. Be blessed!

*As an owner of a candle business, I do not recommend lighting candles and leaving the room unattended. Please do not follow my habits of old :)

Content above is strictly the opinion of Well Lit Candles. Please do your own research to come to your own conclusions and drop a comment, so we can have a conversation!

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