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Beginner's Guide to Wax Melts

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Have you ever been curious about these wax melts we offer? Ever asked yourself, "What is it and what am I supposed to do with it?" Well we're here to help! We want our customers to be as educated as possible, so they are always making purchasing decisions that are truly best for them. We've outlined some details such as what wax melts are and how to use them so this information can support an informed decision.

What is it, and how do I use it?

A wax melt is essentially a candle, stripped down to its most important component: scented wax. Instead of lighting the candle and allowing the flame to melt down the wax, melts are heated using what's called a wax warmer. Warmers melt the wax down to allow the fragrance to be released in the room. Just like you might have multiple candles throughout the house depending on the room, you can invest in multiple warmers and use melts in place of the candles.

Using them is pretty straightforward. If your melts come in what we call a clamshell, you would just pop out a square (or a few if that tickles your fancy). Our packaging does not currently use clamshells, so you would just take out the desired number of melts for use. Once you've done either of these, place the melt(s) in the tray of your warmer, turn the warmer on, then let it work its magic. No tricky matches or finicky lighters to fight with, and you still get the same great fragrance as a candle. Once you are done with the melted wax, you can pour it out (in the trash, not down the drain) and wipe the tray clean in preparation for your next use.

Types of wax warmers

There are a few types of warmers available on the market. Well Lit Candles currently offers three varieties:

Plug-in warmer - These warmers are designed much like your typical fragrance plug-ins but instead of changing out the fragrance bottles, you would change out the melts used. Very useful if you're looking to be consistent with fragrances but don't want to incorporate a candle in a specific space that ordinarily would be scented via a plug-in

Illumination warmer - These warmers rely on the heat of a lightbulb to melt down the wax. A bonus with this type of warmer is that it can give off the same ambiance as a candle flame (via the lightbulb) which can often be lost with other wax warmers.

2-in-1 warmer - These warmers serve dual purposes: wax warmer and candle warmer. You can use them in the standard way of placing wax melts in the tray area or removing the tray and placing a candle where the tray once was and warm your candles. This is perfect for wickless candles or melting down any remaining wax in a wicked candle that is no longer safe to burn.

There are also tealight warmers that use the flame of a tealight to heat and melt down the wax. With all of these options to choose from, there is sure to be something that works best for you. Not to mention the different styles and designs you will find in wax warmers to fit right into your home decor.

Difference between candles and wax melts

Whether you're a candle lover true to form or you swear by wax melts, there are certainly reasons for your preferences. We've broken down a few of the differences we've witnessed but encourage you to share in the comments why you choose one over the other.

Safety - It's no surprise that using wax melts with a warmer is safer than a candle. Though electrical use comes with its own precautions, open flames are certainly more dangerous. Most warmers will decrease this safety risk exponentially which is great for households with small children and/or pets that tend to roam around more aimlessly.

Ambiance - Though illuminating warmers can mimic a flaming candle, we can't simply dismiss the vibe that lighting a candle creates. While the fragrance is nice in either case, something about the tiny fire and even the crackling sound of the wick burning down produces an experience a wax warmer can never duplicate. The tealight based warmers will come the closest, but they still aren't quite the same.

Disposal - Have you ever gotten to the end of a candle jar and you had know idea what to do with it? Especially if you are a collector of candles and seem to burn through them rather rapidly. You end up with a plethora of jars that you don't necessarily want to throw away but know you can't keep. Well, as we mentioned above, you don't have that issue with wax melts. Once you're done with the wax, you simply pour it out and prepare the tray for the next use. And for our eco-friendly customers, we've done research and found options for our packaging that allow for easy recycling. We find this to be the biggest benefit to wax melts. Alternatively, our 2-in-1 wax warmers can help you safely melt down the remaining wax in your candle jar. You can then pour out the melted wax and repurpose the jar if you desire.

Fragrance mixing - Candles are limited to the fragrance that's in the candle, but if you've ever wanted to come up with your own fragrance mix, using wax melts affords you this opportunity. You can mix and match a variety of fragrances to put together an aroma most suited for you.

We hope this little blurb helps! Please share with us what your preference is and why :)

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