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Moses is a great example of how when you're called by God, you're called by God. There's nothing that can interfere with that calling. And Satan will certainly try his hardest to be that interference, but God's Will will always prevail.


He was saved from the mass murder of Hebrew boys, raised up in Pharoah's home and received blessings and luxuries he would not have ordinarily received in his birth home. Though he had a comfortable life, his actions revealed that he was not comfortable with the environment he was living in and ultimately found God in the midst of his discomfort.


After fleeing his home, God sent him back there to lead His people out of Egypt. Moses had every excuse in the book as to why he wasn't the right person for the job but God was with Him, so none of those excuses were valid. You see, we don't need to be polished and perfect when going forth to do what God has called us to do because He is with us, guiding us, supporting us, and keeping us.


Scripture reference for Moses: Exodus 2-4

Moses - (Dulce de Leche)

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Name: Dulce de Leche

Note Profile:
Top: Butter
Middle: Caramel, Sugar, Cream
Base: Vanilla, Tonka Bean

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