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Joseph. Jacob's pride and joy. The apple of his eye. The first born son of the love of his life. All Joseph had to do was be born for Jacob to favor him over his other sons. And this was no secret in the family. He didn't have the same chores as his other brothers, and we all remember the coat of many colors that was given to Joseph as a gift. All of this extra affection had his brothers turn on him and sell him into slavery. Joseph ends up in Egypt, but God had a plan for him and showed him favor. Joseph had a rocky journey in the beginning of his time in Egypt but his faith never wavered. Throughout his trials and tribulations he maintained his character and eventually found himself in the second highest position in the land. In this position he saves all of Egypt and the surrounding areas, including his family, from a devastating famine.


This summary doesn't give Joseph's story nearly the justice it deserves. The point to highlight is no matter his situation, no matter how many negative experiences he encountered, he never let it impact his character. His integrity and humility always remained in tact.


Has that ever been a struggle of yours? Staying true to your character when life attacks you with everything its got? Come back to the story of Joseph and be reminded of how he perservered during the most difficult times in his life.


Scripture reference for Joseph: Genesis 37; 39-45

Joseph - (Fresh Air)

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